The Wrong Gold

by The Smudge



Some people are worth the right gold. Some people search after the wrong gold. Some people are breaking the wrong mind. Some people are vapor into air in downtown Milwaukee. Some people are Brian Wilson. Some people are banging on the radiator outside on my front porch with a bic lighter like a ladder. Some people are Yung. Some people like poetry. People wanna be themselves. People don't wanna play the game. People wanna beat. People wanna be a combination. People wanna drone it. People wanna hear the rain. Some people Are Too Old Again (awful).


released June 16, 2016

The Smudge - Sampling / Piano / Vapor / Noise / Vocals / Distortion

This album is called "The Wrong Gold" because the internet has you craving false feelings. The media has you craving false reality. You need to feel it's screen outward from forever. You need to cleanse and be genuine. Be true to yourself and feel reality. I am looking in the mirror. I don't want to fall into the trap of the world. I want to be myself.




The Smudge Milwaukee, Wisconsin

For more than a decade, electronic audio artist "The Smudge" has been self releasing various audio art, performing live in the frozen north and Milwaukee, and designing album art. From avant-garde, musique concrete, electronica and techno, to industrial, noise, ambient, experimental, spoken word, and solo piano work, T.S. has woven a weird world of more than 100+ LP's, EP's, splits, and comps. ... more

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Track Name: The Wrong Mind
I wanna be a lit gas lamp cash man
noisy noisy noisy
gold gold gold
i'm breaking the wrong gold
i'm breaking the wrong mind